We are Milestones Child Development Centers, Inc.  We are a company of play-based centers, offering care from ages 6 weeks to 6 years.  Our philosophy takes into consideration the individual needs of each child.  Whenever we are thinking about how best to do something, we always start with the question, "What is in the best interest of this child?".  One of our many sources of pride at Milestones is the practice of Individualized Care.  This means that whenever possible, we look to see what each individual child needs to be successful.  This could mean that we are sensitive to food issues or other individual needs, or we might accommodate for an individual educational or developmental need like a special place for speech therapy.  Truly, we want each child to be successful based on what that one child needs, not what "sort of" works for the whole group. 
Also, we know that young children learn best within the scope of strong bonds with primary caregivers.  So our focus is heavily on relationships with each other, the children, and their families.  This leads to better outcomes for all. 

Learning in our center is teacher-directed, and child-led.  Our environments are set up into specific interest areas that allow children to learn, grow and explore a variety of materials in their own unique way.  By allowing children to have their experiences through play, children are able to learn about their world and all the materials in it under the most optimal conditions.

What sets us apart from other centers in Sacramento? 
Many things---we practice the six PITC core program policies:
*Primary Caregiving (families have a main point of contact that meets their needs while at the center)
*Continuity of Care (staying with a teacher and peer group throughout their time at the center, including transition to different spaces)
*Small Groups
*Individualized Care
*Cultural Continuity
*Inclusion of Children with Special Needs

(see www.pitc.org for more information)

We have lower preschool teacher-to-student ratios than most centers, and we have less turnover of staff than most facilities.  Many of our staff at our O Street location have been here since Milestones began.  This is the kind of continuity and routine that is critically important to children under the age of 5.  
Lastly, we have a commitment to quality food in our programs.

We are happy to give you a tour, give us a call today!

Milestones CDC Inc.

1411 O Street
Sacramento CA 95814
fax 443-6196
​Open M-F 7:00 am - 6:00 pm

CLOSED for holiday observations, see specific Holiday Closure list for each site for details