Milestones staff go through a comprehensive vetting process:
All staff have DOJ clearances
All teaching staff have ECE units and are working toward their educational goals
All staff engage in at least 24 hours of professional growth and training annually, and many participate in Raising Quality Together through the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE RQT)
All administrative staff are Director qualified
All staff have the required immunizations, TB tests, and other trainings required by the State of CA
We offer paid trainings throughout the year including trainings on behavior management, temperaments, CPR/First Aid, Curriculum Development, social emotional needs, understanding challenging behaviors, Safety in programs, mandating reporting, pesticide use, and other topics as needed.  

Additionally, many of the women and men that work for Milestones know a second, and sometimes a third language. We encourage these bilingual staff to share their language with their primary groups throughout their time at Milestones.